Radiometer Increases Support in the Fight Against Sepsis


Continuing its commitment to the fight against sepsis, the Denmark-based healthcare company Radiometer has donated 10,000 USD, partly raised by its employees, to the Global Sepsis Alliance, initiator of World Sepsis Day and World Sepsis Congress.
The donation is part of Radiometers’ continued commitment to improve global healthcare and to help save lives – the essence of their mission and vision.

“At Radiometer, we understand the seriousness of sepsis, the importance of early intervention and the necessity of understanding the dangers and signs of the disease. Through our solutions and by raising awareness of sepsis, we want to help ensure that more people survive this potentially fatal condition and to empower caregivers to make fast and reliable decisions.” said Henrik Schimmell, President of Radiometer.

“The Global Sepsis Alliance thanks Radiometer and every single person that contributed to this donation. We hope the way this money was raised, collectively by the company and its employees, inspires other companies to join the global fight against sepsis as well. Every cent raised will be put towards implementing the demands of the WHO Resolution on Sepsis and raising awareness for sepsis worldwide,” said Marvin Zick, General Manager of the Global Sepsis Alliance.

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Marvin Zick