2nd WSC - Improving Early Detection and Quality of Care Now Available

The fifth session of the 2nd World Sepsis Congress ‘Improving Early Detection and Quality of Care’ is now available to view on YouTube (embedded above) and as a Podcast on Apple Podcasts (iTunes link).
It is chaired by Vida Hamilton from Ireland and features the following presentations and speakers:

  • Inequalities in Sepsis Treatment Around the World – Flavia Machado

  • Every Hour Counts – Lessons from New York State – Christopher Seymour

  • The Key Role of Emergency Medicine – Luis Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo

  • Nurses Hold the Key to Quality Sepsis Care – Ruth Kleinpell

  • Limitations of qSOFA for Early Detection – Flavia Machado

  • Automated Sepsis Alerts and Rapid Response Teams – Edgar Jimenez

  • Lactate for Detection and Management of Sepsis – Charles Sprung

Sessions are released weekly on Thursdays. The next session is ‘Importance of Pathogen Detection and Sepsis Markers’ on October 25th, 2018. Please head over to the 2nd WSC website for the full release schedule.

The 2nd WSC is brought to you free of charge by the Global Sepsis Alliance, fostering our aspiration to bring knowledge about sepsis to all parts of the world. If you enjoyed it, please consider making a donation.

Marvin Zick