Presentations from WSD Supporter Meeting at ISICEM 2019 in Brussels

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This Tuesday, on March 19th, 2019, World Sepsis Day Supporters from all around the globe came together at the 39th ISICEM in Brussels for a World Sepsis Day Supporter Meeting.

Konrad Reinhart, Chair of the Global Sepsis Alliance and Marvin Zick, GSA’s General Manager, gave presentations on the achievements and strategy for 2019 and 2020, Outcomes of the 2nd WSC and 2018 World Sepsis Day, as well as the 2019 GSA Awards, the updated World Sepsis Day Infographics, and World Sepsis Day Pocket Cards.

Vida Hamilton, Ron Daniels, and Necmettin Unal shared recent achievements from the fight against sepsis – including best practices and strategies to increase awareness in medical professionals and laypeople – from Ireland, England, and Turkey, respectively.

Besides viewing the presentations below, you can also download them as PDFs using this button:

Our next World Sepsis Day Supporter Meeting will take place at ESICM in Berlin in September 2019. The exact date and location will be announced on our website in August, as well as send out via WSD News, for which you can sign up here. A form to register as well as details for the next meeting will always be available here.

Outcomes 2nd WSC and WSD 2018 - Marvin Zick

Achievements and Strategy for 2019/2020 - Konrad Reinhart

2019 GSA Awards, Pocket Cards, Infographics - Marvin Zick

Recent Developments in the UK - Ron Daniels

The National Sepsis Plan in Ireland - Vida Hamilton

National Activities in Turkey - Necmettin Unal

Marvin Zick