Sepsis Awareness Posters Now Available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German (Besides English)

Sepsis Awareness Poster Newspost Banner.jpg

Our Sepsis Awareness Posters are now available in 5 languages - Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, in addition to English.

They cover:

  • Symptoms of Sepsis

  • Risk Groups of Sepsis

  • Sources of Sepsis

  • Prevention of Sepsis

  • Global Burden of Sepsis

All posters are optimized for print, A3 (297 × 420 millimeters, 11.69 × 16.54 inches), and PDF. They are a quick and free download in our WSD Toolkit Section. We encourage you to download, print, and hang them up in your organization to raise awareness of sepsis.

As always, we welcome your feedback - if you find a spelling mistake, clumsy phrasing, or have ideas for additional posters or materials, please let us know.

Marvin Zick