Updated Website Graphics and New World Sepsis Day Flyer

updated website graphics and new wsd flyer.jpg

Notice anything different today? We have updated almost every single one of the graphics on this website to make it easier to navigate, more pleasant on the eyes, and to better match our visual identity. In addition, we have decreased the file sizes wherever possible, so everything should load a little bit faster/chew up less of your precious data plan. As always, please let us know what you think of these changes - we read and appreciate every comment.

As you might have seen already, there is also an updated World Sepsis Day Flyer, available in the toolkit ‘event material’ as well as in the toolkit ‘documents and facts’ in our WSD Toolkit Section. Both toolkits include detailed printing instructions. Said flyer can be personalized for your organization - just contact us if you are interested.

Marvin Zick