GSA Global Quality Measures Survey

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As of March 1st, the Global Quality Measures Survey has closed - thank you so much for participating! We are analyzing the results and will share details in due time.

The Global Quality Measures Survey takes about 7 to 9 minutes, is completely anonymous, and essential to reveal how sepsis is measured and treated around the world. The results of this survey will shape the work of the GSA for years to come, and you can make your voice heard.

Purpose of the Survey

To characterize the current practices related to sepsis surveillance, treatment, quality improvement, and reporting worldwide.

Information Regarding Data Protection and Privacy

All data is s collected through REDCap, a fully encrypted and secure data abstraction platform that has become a global industry standard to maintain both security and privacy for protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) in clinical trials and human subjects research.

This survey does not ask any questions that constitute PHI. The risk of any responses being able to identify individuals or institutions is extremely minimal. Nevertheless, all data is fully encrypted and housed in a secure location. One only individual will directly access raw data for analysis, and all data reports will always presented in aggregate only.

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Languages the Survey is available in

The survey is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. More languages are coming soon, this page will be updated regularly.

More Background on Survey

Despite a recent resolution by the WHO and increasing worldwide recognition that sepsis poses a major global health threat, our knowledge of what sepsis surveillance, treatment, quality improvement (QI), and reporting practices look like across the world is surprisingly limited and fragmented. As a community of stakeholders from policy makers to healthcare providers, we need to know more about how these programs and practices vary between regions, between patient populations, and between healthcare settings.

The GSA is conducting a global survey, which will operate through 2 arms.
The first arm is a targeted survey that will be distributed to the head of every national government health agency in the UN member states. The second arm is a publicly available survey that is targeted to various healthcare providers, health administrators, and government health officials across the world. We aim for participation that includes every UN member state, from diverse types of healthcare providers, and from diverse patient populations.

The survey begins by clarifying respondents’ roles to ask only the questions that are relevant to them. The following 15-20 questions should take about 7-9 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous, and no data will ever be released in a manner that would allow any specific healthcare institution to be singled out.