World Sepsis Day Advocacy in the Heart of Downtown Vancouver, Canada


World Sepsis Day 2018 saw the most recognizable landmarks in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada lit up in pink. This year, the Action on Sepsis Research Cluster at the University of British Columbia is planning to do even more by hosting a public awareness event in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Our trans-disciplinary team of researchers, clinicians, patients, public end users, and healthcare policymakers are active in the fight against sepsis in BC and globally. For WSD, we will engage and educate the people of Vancouver about the importance of sepsis and how they can help in the fight against this life-threatening condition.

This exciting event in Vancouver is happening on Friday September 13th, 2019, between 11am and 6pm, and will be located at Robson Square near the Vancouver Art Gallery, western Canada’s largest public art museum. The event will feature a number of interactive activities, including a sepsis trivia wheel where prizes can be won and an interactive 'map of knowledge' where your knowledge and experience of sepsis can be indicated. In addition, there will be music and of course the classic WSD pink decor! Our team of health professionals, patients, and health research trainees will be there to talk to visitors about sepsis, and throughout the day we’ll have sepsis experts provide interviews for social media from the event site. Everyone will be encouraged to post about the event on social media using #WorldSepsisDay.

A key component of our event is engaging and connecting with patients. Patients who have lived the experience of sepsis will have the opportunity to share in person and online their personal stories of navigating the complex condition and how it has impacted their lives. We hope this will increase awareness of the long-term impact of this disease and promote better post-discharge care for future sepsis survivors. Patient partners will also share their stories through the Action on Sepsis website and Twitter (@ActiononSepsis) prior to the event.

To ensure our message reaches beyond Vancouver, we’ve partnered with a number of organizations with provincial networks, including the Centre of International Child Health at BC Children’s Hospital, BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, BC Emergency Medicine Network, and Child Health BC.

We hope reading this gives you some ideas for planning your own WSD Event, and for those readers in the Greater Vancouver Area, we hope you can stop by on Friday, September 13. For more details, see our event page.

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