Global Sepsis Alliance Revamps Governance Structure, Elects New Board and New Executive Committee

GSA Board and EC Wide.png

Over the course of the summer, the Global Sepsis Alliance, the organization behind World Sepsis Day and World Sepsis Congress, has revamped its governance structure, adopted new articles, and has elected a new board and a new executive committee. All these changes were made to involve more people from more backgrounds, representing more regions, ultimately fostering the long-term sustainability of the GSA and its global impact.

The following people were elected by our members to serve a three-year term on the new GSA Board:

  • Alison Fox-Robichaud, North America

  • Antonio Artigas, Europe

  • Charles Gomersall, Asia Pacific

  • Dennis Kredler, Europe

  • Elizabeth Papathanassoglou, North America

  • Emmanuel Nsutebu, Africa

  • Flavia Machado, Latin America

  • Halima Salisu Kabara, Africa

  • Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Europe

  • Imrana Malik, North America

  • Jean-Paul Mira, Europe

  • Konrad Reinhart, Europe

  • Luis Antonio Gorodo Del Sol, North America

  • Maha Aljuaid, Eastern Mediterranean

  • Mathias Pletz, Europe

  • Mitchell Levy, North America

  • Niranjan 'Tex' Kissoon, North America

  • Ron Daniels, Europe

  • Shahrzad Kiavash, Europe

  • Simon Finfer, Asia Pacific

Of those 20 people, Dennis, Emmanuel, Flavia, Imrana, Konrad, Luis, Maha, Tex, Ron, and Simon have been elected to serve on the GSA Executive Committee. They continue to be supported by our 3-person WSD Head Office.

Marvin Zick