Show Your Support for World Sepsis Day on Social Media - Ideas for Posts, WSD Photo Challenge, Sepsis Awareness Clips, and Facebook Picture Frames

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World Sepsis Day on September 13th is only 10 days away - with this post, we want to give you some ideas to show your support on social media, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or something else entirely.


Posts for Social Media

For social media, you can use the following posts, either with or without a WSD Infographic or a Sepsis Awareness Clip (most work better with). All posts are 280 characters or less, meaning they work on Twitter effortlessly:

  • Sepsis is not only a medical #emergency, but also a global health crisis, affecting up to 30 million people a year - September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay. Join us in raising awareness for #sepsis - awareness saves lives! #stopsepsis #savelives

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay - I am/We are participating to raise #awareness for #sepsis and #WorldSepsisDay - what are you doing? Start at and help #stopsepsis #savelives

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! Sepsis is the final common pathway to death from most infectious diseases worldwide - these are the most common #sources of #sepsis.

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! While everybody can get sepsis, certain people are at an even higher risk. Join us in raising #awareness for #sepsis - awareness saves lives! #stopsepsis #savelives

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! #Sepsis is a medical emergency and must be treated immediately - if you see 2 or more #symptoms, act immediately. #stopsepsis #savelives

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! #Sepsis is the most preventable cause of death worldwide. It can be prevented by #vaccination, #sanitation, and #awareness. Everything depends on #you! Join us and #stopsepsis #savelives

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! #Sepsis does not end at hospital discharge - many #sepsissurvivors face lifelong consequences. Join us to raise awareness! #stopsepsis #savelives

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay! Join our global movement now - it is as easy as downloading our free #infographics or #sepsis #awareness clips from and posting them from your account. Raising awareness starts with #you. #stopsepsis #savelives

  • I am participating in the #WorldSepsisDay #Photochallenge to raise awareness for #sepsis, a disease affecting 30 million people annually, but often neglected by #policymakers, the general public, and even #healthcare #professionals - join the global movement to #stopsepsis now!

  • September 13th is #WorldSepsisDay - I am participating in the #photochallenge to raise #awareness for #sepsis and #WorldSepsisDay - what are you doing? Start at and help #stopsepsis #savelives

The official hashtags for World Sepsis Day are:

  • #WorldSepsisDay

  • #Sepsis

  • #StopSepsis

  • #SaveLives

We explicitly discourage using #WorldSepsisDay2019 or #WSD19 - if we want to “trend”, it is important we all use the same hashtags.


Sepsis Awareness Clips / WSD Infographics

Our new Sepsis Awareness Clips and our WSD Infographics are a great and easy way to spice up your posts - both are of course free downloads in our WSD Toolkit Section. Our infographics are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.


WSD Photo Challenge

The WSD Photo Challenge is another amazing way to raise awareness for sepsis and World Sepsis Day - just download the photo challenge material from our toolkit section, print the photo board you like the best (there are 7 options to choose from), write your name on it, take a picture, and upload it to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, using the hashtag #WorldSepsisDay or tag us in the post (@WorldSepsisDay).


Facebook Picture Frames

Additionally, we encourage you to show support for World Sepsis Day by changing your profile picture on Facebook to one featuring our World Sepsis Day Picture Frames.

To do so, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click this link to go to your Facebook Profile

  2. Click on your profile picture

  3. Click on “Add Frame”

  4. Search for World Sepsis Day

  5. Select a frame you like and click on “Use as Profile Picture”

Your picture will automatically revert to your normal profile picture after one week.


Our Social Media Channels

We are ‘World Sepsis Day’ on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook - make sure to follow us if you aren’t yet.


Thanks for supporting World Sepsis Day - we couldn’t do it without you!

Marvin Zick