Raise Awareness and Show Your Support at Your Workplace – with Our New WSD Wallpapers

World Sepsis Day is just 5 days away - to raise awareness for sepsis and to show your support for World Sepsis Day, we encourage you to change the wallpaper on your computer to one of our brand-new WSD Wallpapers.

There are 6 different wallpapers to choose from:

  • Symptoms of sepsis

  • Risk groups of sepsis

  • Sources of sepsis

  • Sepsis splash on white background

  • Sepsis splash on gradient background

  • Sepsis splash on colorful background

The wallpapers come in four different aspect ratios (4 to 3, 16 to 10, 16 to 9, and 21 to 9) with a resolution of up to 5K. They are a free download in our toolkit section.

If you work in a hospital or larger organization, ask your IT department about changing all wallpapers remotely…

Marvin Zick